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October Tide - 12 Days of Rain

Even though I hate rain, this song still kicks ass


Black Sabbath, 1970


Frank Bello


Self titled full length 92’ 

Det Som Engang Var 93’

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss 94’ 


2014. Terror Hungry

is the second album by Lost Society, they have good things about their style for this album. 

LOST SOCIETY is back, and we’re angrier than ever. The new album Terror Hungry is a full on thrash album from start to finish, with a darker and even more aggressive feel to it! It has the signature elements that make up LOST SOCIETY and we’ve put in even more groove riffage, more mind blistering guitar shredding, and some of the fastest stuff we’ve ever done on it! Look out, this one’s gonna be faster, louder and we’re more pissed off than ever!” - front man Samy Elbanna.

Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x738CMMciyE

  Samy Elbanna   Mirko Lehtinen   Ossi Paananen   Arttu Lesonen

Can’t wait for this epic album!